We contributes to better health by selling products with clinically-proven effects.
Our business's health is not only determined by how our products affect our consumers directly but also by their impact
on the planet and society as a whole. Therefore, we have divided our sustainability work into three categories:
“healthy products”, “healthy business” and “healthy planet”.

Healthy Products

Our operations are based on offering healthy products that promote health and well-being. Product development is based on research conducted in an ethical and transparent manner in order to offer products of the highest quality and products that are clinically proven to contribute to better health, which are marketed and made available in a responsible manner.

活得易 (健康產品)

Healthy Workplace

Ensuring good business ethics, taking a clear stand on respect for human rights and taking responsibility for the impact of the company’s operations are fundamental to sustainable growth and value creation.

活得易 (健康工作環境)

Healthy Business

A prerequisite for developing and selling healthy products is that the business is run in a sound and ethical manner. A healthy business is characterised by taking into account and managing our impact on our stakeholders in a responsible manner and that emplyees are satisfied and inspired at work and have the opportunity to develop.

活得易 (健康商業)

Healthy Network

Our international networks of researchers, suppliers and distributors are key to the business model and the company strives to increase sustainability performance through partnerships and collaborations in the value chain.


活得易 (健康網絡)

Community Engagement

As a value-driven organisation, Reuteri believes strong community engagement goes hand in hand with deliberate sustainability work. We is involved in and supports a number of organisations focused on areas with links to Reuteri’s business.